Why NOW is the Best Time to Turnaround your Business—Yes!! Even in this Economy!

Remember when running your business was fun and exciting? When you got there early and stayed late? Since then, you’ve sacrificed a lot for your business. Going to work before Starbucks even opens, pulling all-nighters and grinding out a business plan on a Sunday morning are all examples of the work you’ve put into your business. Along the way you’ve invested your hard-earned money, determined to build your enterprise, and eventually along the way, borrowed more. Then there are the countless dance recitals, swimming lessons, anniversary dinners and barbecues that you’ve missed along the way, all in the name of success.

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, all the sacrifices were worth it—that is until today. Let’s face it— things have changed. Despite all of your hard work and sacrifices, your business has become more than you can realistically handle. It’s not producing the cash you need and your days are more frantic than fun. It is at this moment that you find yourself at a turning point— a crossroads of sorts. You need to make some necessary changes and turn things around, but just how do you accomplish such a turnaround in today’s economy?

A successful turnaround depends on producing positive cash flow, while systematically restructuring the business around a smaller, but profitable “core” business. Our highly successful Turnaround Consulting Package is designed to help you achieve your goals, quickly and efficiently. Let us turn your business around so you can start realizing its full potential. Our Turnaround Consulting Package consists of the following services:

» A Review and Evaluation of your current business situation
» An Interview and evaluation of key employees
» A detailed three-year strategic plan with the focus of getting your business back on track
» A specific debt consolidation plan
» A comprehensive financial roadmap
» Specific sales/marketing recommendations
» A Complete Step-by-step implementation checklist

Turning your business around does not involve guesswork, unnecessary stress, or long-nights at the office. It is a straightforward process designed to get your business back on track so you can begin to see profits again! During this process we will assist you with:

» Stabilizing the environment so you can make good decisions.
» Diagnosing why cash is nonexistent, sales are low, and profits are down.
» Reorganizing your business around a profitable core.
» Preparing a reasonable turnaround plan your creditors will support.
» Negotiating the restructuring of your debts and obligations.
» Executing your turnaround plan with precision and consistency.
» Growing (or selling) your business when the turnaround is complete.

Often time’s entrepreneurs confuse process with results, and as a result, their expectations are rarely met. Turning around a business is a lot like getting in shape – it doesn’t happen overnight. If you wanted to run a marathon, you probably wouldn’t sign up for a marathon tomorrow. You would begin by gradually increasing your mileage while you get in shape. At first, you may only be able to run a mile before collapsing on the couch, but in time, you would realize your goal and cross the finish line a champion. Like a marathon runner, entrepreneurs achieve lasting results by following a proven method and sticking with it.

If your business is running you into the ground, now is the time to turn it around. Let us help you turn your business around, so you can get back to having fun running it! Even in this economy, businesses are thriving. Get your business back on track and contact us today.

If you would like us to help you with your turnaround, please email (aaronwduncan@gmail.com) us today!

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